Northern Health Family Mediation

Building healthy teen-parent relationships

Getting through the teen years can be challenging for teenagers and parents alike. For teens, this time in their life is exciting, stressful, and bewildering. Their minds and bodies change at a breakneck pace as they prepare to shift into adulthood. They begin to understand and seek out their own identity and independence. They start to move away from their parents. 

For parents, the teenage years bring a mix of emotions. Happiness and pride in seeing your child grow into adulthood and become their own person. Frustration at the mood swings you must navigate your way through. Fear over obstacles in your child’s path or the many life-altering choices they face alone or with only their friends to support them. Sadness as you realize your child is growing up and will soon move away from you to build their own life and identity separate from you.

The teenage years are truly an amazing life transition. Still, they can be overwhelming for both the parent and the teenager.

At the FRC, we are proud to house the Northern Health Family Meditation program and support its efforts to build strong and healthy family relationships.

The Northern Health Family Mediation program provides support for parents or caregivers and their teenagers aged 13-18 years of age for up to six months by:

  • Bringing families together
  • Allowing everyone to be heard
  • Helping families work together to resolve conflicts

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