Lending library

Oh, the places we can help you go…

At the FRC, we believe in encouraging literacy skills across all ages. We know that reading for pleasure has many benefits. It improves comprehension and vocabulary. It helps people with grammar, spelling, and writing style. Perhaps most importantly, it raises our cultural awareness, understanding, and acceptance of others. Plus, is there anything better than escaping the everyday with a good book and your favourite beverage – we think not!

We love our Lending Library and are happy to see books making their way to new homes across our community. We are always open to donations, so please feel free to take a book or leave a book when you visit.

Three great reasons to donate to our Lending Library:

It’s a great way to clear out your finished or unwanted books
If you love books like we love books, then you have too many books. Our Lending Library not only helps you limit your literary clutter, but it also allows you to share your books with others in our community. Our Lending Library is also a great way to share your old children’s books once your own kids have outgrown them.

You share your love of reading with others.
When you share your books with others, you share the love of reading with others – which is a wonderful thing to do. So often, the love of reading is lost because people cannot access reading materials. When you donate your books to the Lending Library, you are helping us provide access and encourage a continued, lifelong love of reading.

You’ll be helping others in the community.
Donating to the Lending Library provides books to readers who may not have easy access to reading materials. Not everyone has the financial capacity to build a great library of books. So, when you share your books with others, you provide them with an opportunity they may not have had otherwise – you give them the opportunity to learn and grow through reading. We can’t think of anything more worthwhile than that!