Northern Health Dental

Delivering preventive dental care to northern BC communities

There’s nothing better than the happy smile of a child. At the FRC, we work with children, families and other health professionals across Northern BC to maintain good oral hygiene and health.

The Northern Health Dental program provides necessary dental care and helps children develop healthy habits to care for their teeth. This helps children avoid many of the problems that result from poor oral health, including gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay. It also sets the stage for good oral health care into adulthood.

Good oral care in childhood is an essential part of overall health, which is why we work to help prevent tooth decay (cavities) by providing:

  • FREE oral assessments of children’s teeth (does not replace regular dental office visits);
  • education on how to care for teeth;
  • fluoride varnish for children at risk for tooth decay;
  • dental resources to schools and daycares; and
  • by participating in community health fairs and wellness projects

If you would like to learn more about our Northern Health Dental Program, contact us.