Baby’s New Beginnings

Getting moms and their new babies off to a healthy start

Our Baby’s New Beginnings Program is a pregnancy outreach program. It provides health and social services support to at-risk pregnant and post-natal women in our area for up to 6 months after their child is born.

Baby’s new beginnings specializes in providing a safe, warm, welcoming atmosphere where every woman, child, and partner is openly accepted in a non-judgemental holistic way.

The program consists primarily of:

  • nutrition education,
  • prenatal and post-partum education,
  • support to reduce or quit smoking, alcohol consumption and or drug use,
  • individual and group support, and
  • healthy lifestyle guidance and parenting support for women through pregnancy and beyond.  

The program promotes healthy eating for mom and baby, and provides healthy snacks, prenatal vitamins, and food vouchers.

A Resource and Referral Service

Baby’s New Beginnings also serves as a resource and referral service for:

  • counselling services,
  • mid-wives,
  • doctors,
  • dental,
  • breastfeeding support,
  • life skills and parenting support, and
  • other community services not offered on site.

Baby’s New Beginnings program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-3:30 pm.

For more information and to schedule a drop in time, please contact us.