Bringing people together

Connecting people is something we’re really good at. At the FRC, we bring people together to share their ideas and knowledge to foster health, well-being, and positivity in our community. As part of our efforts, we also make our facilities available for public use.

So, whether it’s planning a party or event, attending a board meeting, or cooking up a storm with a group of friends, the FRC has space for you to gather. We’re also happy to say that money generated from the rental of our rooms goes back into our programming. 

Play, have fun and learn in our gymnasium

Our gymnasium is available for rent to community groups for large meetings, children’s activities and courses. We have 50 chairs and 15 long tables available for use.

Bring your people and ideas to our meeting rooms and classrooms

The Fraser Room is a large meeting that is perfect for your board meeting or group. Outfitted with comfy chairs, this is the ideal place for you to hash out business decisions and plan your strategy.

The Nechako Room provides an excellent environment for counselling sessions, family visits, and meetings. This room is outfitted with couches, toys, books and kid-size furniture, perfect for conversations and spending time together.

Enjoy outdoor activities on our fields

If you’re looking to take your event outside or organize a group activity, we can help! We have several field spaces available for events or group activities. We also have a baseball diamond, basketball court, and a playground. With all our green and play areas, we can accommodate almost any event.

Cook up something delicious in our Community Kitchen

Is there anything better than bringing people together to cook and enjoy a meal together? We think it’s one of life’s greatest joys. That’s why we created our Community Kitchen to allow people to come together and break bread or bake bread – whatever works for you – and enjoy each other’s company.

Our community kitchen can accommodate groups of up to 10 people. It has two stoves, sinks, a commercial sanitizer, clothes washer, and dryer. There is a table, a moveable island, and plenty of counter space. If you are interested in getting a cooking group together, our Community Kitchen is the place to do it.

If you’d like to learn more about our facility availability and pricing, please contact us.