Northern Health Dental Community Programs

Our mission is to deliver quality preventive dental health programs to communities throughout northern B.C.

We work with children, families and other health professionals to help prevent tooth decay (cavities) by providing:

  • FREE oral assessments of children’s teeth (does not replace regular dental office visits)
  • education on how to care for teeth
  • fluoride varnish for children at risk for tooth decay
  • dental resources to schools and daycares
  • participation in community health fairs and wellness projects

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Northern Health Child Health Clinic

The Child Health Clinic located with the Family Resource Centre is staffed by Public Health Nurses and welcomes the child and family.

Providing health education and promotion through child health clinics(CHC): growth and development screening, dental screening, parenting and nutrition information.

This clinic strives to improve community health, promote wellness and prevent disease and illness where possible.

These services are available with a scheduled appointment. Contact us today!