It all started as a dream. The staff and coordination teams, community and clients of the FRC wanted to create a mural that would enhance the building and surrounding area, instill a sense of pride within the community, individuals and the families who access the centre, and to raise awareness through art form of the richness of our history and culture in Prince George.

In early 2007, an inclusive planning committee was struck consisting of staff, clients and members of the community to come together and bring the project to life. Artists from different areas of the province came together to interpret the committee’s vision and successfully completed the mural in September of 2007.

Local artist Peter George contributes the desired aboriginal cultural component: the universal design of the eagle represents peace and friendship to the Carrier people, and is the logo design used by the Lhedli Tenneh people. The human in the wings of the eagle symbolizes our future generations. The salmon stands for wealth and prosperity and our ability to provide for the future and the community. The two hands and a heart under the eagle design is the logo of the family centre in traditional native art design.

Artists Larry Hunter and Gerry Houghton came together to pay tribute to northern British Columbia, a reflection of the rich history of South Fort George and our hopes and dreams for the future in realism form.

Community members, FRC staff and clients all contributed to the mural by imprinting their hands to the mural, symbolizing the importance of working together, “lending a hand” to strengthen the family and the community.

Special thanks to the following individuals, businesses and agencies that provided financial, in-kind and/or volunteer contributions to make this project a reality:

“The Family is Nature’s Masterpiece” – George Santayana

Thank you to our artists

Peter George, Larry Hunter and Gerry Houghton. And the clients, staff and neighbors of the South Fort George Family Resource Center.

And thank you to our supporters

  • Chinook Scaffolding
  • City of Prince George
  • Cloverdale Paint
  • Dakahl Elders
  • Double G Contracting
  • Home Depot Canada
  • Hydro Mechanical
  • Lheidli T’enneh Band
  • Ministry of Children
  • and Family Development
  • Northern Health Authority
  • PG & District Elizabeth Fry Society
  • School District # 57
  • Signtek Industries
  • SFG Community Association
Our Mural